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Exhibitions spring 2018
27/2-1/3 Östersund 27/2, Sundsvall 28/2 och Gävle 1/3
5-7 Mars Träffpunkt Idrott Göteborg Boot B08:26
17-19/4 Luleå-Skellefteå-Umeå
20/4 Lärkdagen Alnarp


ÅhusTurf team

Helsingborg Olympia Stadium
Since 2016 Helsingborg Olympia Stadium has strengthen their practise pitches with CoverLawn®. Now they also strengthened the stadium itself with CoverLawn®.

Rya GC renovated walkway:
Rya GC has renovated their old gravel walkway with CoverLawn NRT 3002 as walk surface surronded by a beautiful Oak fence. More pictures products/golf/course.

NRT 3002 CoverLawn® new member
A mix of the populair NRT 2500 and wear resistant CL 4003 has formed NRT 3002. With the flexible hexagon pattern, straight and curled piles combined, do we offer a quicker and mor cost efficient installation. Wear resistance equal to football CL 2802 and Golf CL 1201. The curled pile strengthen the anti slippery function that is excellent on slopes or uneven surfaces.
Stade André Wolff in Bertrange, Luxembourg Stade André Wolff in Bertrange, Luxembourg

Gardi Zoo and ÅhusTurf  installed CoverLawn® CL 2802 in Stade André Wolff, Bertrange Luxembourg June 6 this summer. 
The pitch had got severe wear of entire pitch from goal to goal. 
Stade André Wolff have one natural turf pitch that all teams in the club share. With CoverLawn® the playing surface should be perfect the entire season. 
See pictures under Products

Stade André Wolff in Bertrange. Luxembourg Stade André Wolff in Bertrange. Luxembourg

CoverLawn® trademarked in Europe
Since July 2016 the name Coverlawn® is trademarked in Europe. 


Slider NRT 2500, Golf courses CL 1201/2003/4003, Inner yards CL 2003/4, Fotboll pitches CL 4003/Inodlat, Wear areas CL 2003/4003, Bridges NRT 2500, Paths CL 1203, Play grounds NRT 2500/CL 4004, Grow in CL 2003/2004/4003, events NRT 2500


Exhibitions 2018
Jan 21-24 BTME Harrogate (Partners)
January 22-23  Stockholm
27/2-1/3 Tour Mid Sweden
March 5-7 Gothenburg
17-19/4 Tour North Sweden 
20/4 Architect day Alnarp, Malmö
Sep 12-15 GaLaBau Nürnberg 

Business Partners to ÅhusTurf

CoverLawn® global group
EZ Hybrid Turf           Americas
GSTGlobal                 Korea, Asia
PFJ Company           Japan
HG Turf                     Australia
Bellinturf                    China
ÅhusTurf                    Europe


Löddesnäs preschool strengthen their new play ground equipment with NRT 2500.

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Odense Fruens Bøge
Known golf clubs extend their CoverLawn use.
Integrated CoverLawn
Do you want to strengthen your stadium, replace the lawn that always get muddy consider integrated CoverLawm as a solution. The roll width is 60-70 cm and you decide the mowing height. 
Detailed pictures of the root system can be found under Products/football and sport.