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About Us


  • 1979 the company is registrated
  • 1998 ÅhusTurf is founded under the mane Studio Construction by Göran Pehrson
  • 2002 ÅhusTurf AB is founded
  • 2008 Åhusturf AB change owners
  • 2012 ÅhusTurf AB change owners to Thomas Albäck and Cristina Sandin
  • 2013 The first 40 installations of CoverLawn® delivered
  • 2014 CoverLawn® is grown in with grass at Virrestadgården Gärsnäs.
  • 2014 The first installation of ingrown CoverLawn® is done at Örjansvall, Halmstad
  • 2015 CoverLawn® CL 2802 developed for football and sport and CL 1201 for golf are launched.
  • 2015 The golfmat combi is launched to reduce the driving range costs for golf clubs.
  • 2015 Anti mosquito artificial turf KM 2015 is launched
  • 2016 New partners in Europe and CoverLawn global grp is established.
  • 2016 CoverLawn® NRT 3002 for school environments and other exposed areas is launched.
  • 2016 > 1000 installations world wide, >250 in Sweden and >50 in Europe.

Business idea
ÅhusTurf business idea is to offer surface reinforcement turf that will help grass surfaces to stay green for customers that have problems with wear on the natural grass. We offer solutions on all types of grass wear.


Develop the product CoverLawn to be a strong complement to natural grass.

Organisation number: 556200-6568


Cristina Sandin 

Thomas Albäck - Contact person  +46 732 301198