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CoverLawn is the new hybrid grass product made from artificial turf. Together with the natural grass they form a very strong and long-lasting combination.  The grass root system is protected by the reinforcement from CoverLawn. At the same time as roots get protection CoverLawn allows the grass to grow up through the reinforcement. See pictures. The root conditions together with the pattern in the reinforcement start the integration between grass and coverLawn. After a few days you can see a significant change where the natural grass is domination the apperance befor etotal integration is ready. When the integration is done you will see a lawn. 
By mechanical load from animals, humans, vehicles etc. the natural piles are worn away to became soil and finally the root system is affected.
Here CoverLawn plays a vital role preventing this scenario. The reinforcement protects the root system and the grass can grow in normal speed without disturbance from above.


Area uf use:

All grass areas exposed for wear and a potential soil surface is the result CoverLawn may be the help you need. 

But if the growth from the root system is low the no integration is performed and your surface will be CoverLawn. Still green and nice to watch and use.

Installation of CoverLawn is rather uncomplicated. You measure and mark the area to be installed. Then continue the work. Instructions are available in the CoverLawn "fact tab". 

The cost to invest in CoverLawn should be calculated towards the maintenance cost keeping the natural surface in shape or towards an investment for pure atrificial surface as turf or rubber. ÅhusTurf will be glad to support you if you need. Below you find templates you can use if you miss own.

To the right you see the first installation in Sweden. It is done in Häljarp in Skåne county January 2012. The integration is completed long time ago. The last picture shows the result in june 2013. You can also see how it looks like in March 2013 when all turf is brown. If you have a spot with CoverLawn visible it will be integrated when growth is starting.



Note: If the growth is low you have to support the growing process.