CoverLawn (Hybrid turf) is a product allowing your old grass to grow up and unite with the CoverLawn. 
The difference between CoverLawn and other hybrid solutions is that the reinforcement from CoverLawn is protecting the grass root system.
The reinforcement is a knitted construction making it extra resistant towards mechanical wear.
CoverLawn drianage is 100% which also means full ventilation.  

The turf is available in different pile heights from 12 mm to 60 mm. The piles are anti slippery treated.

I broschures and specifikations you find more information about the produucts.

Area uf use:
Wear: Golf courses, football pitches, school yards, play grounds, parks, sport arenas, slopes.
Slippery and wear: Sliders, slopes, bridges, paths..
Decoration: Terass, balcony, entrance, shadow surfaces, roundabouts....
Temporary: Events, conserts, weddings, student celebrations....
 It is only the fantasy that will block you. 

The Romb pattern in CoverLawn backyarn allows the natural turf to grow through and integrate with the CoverLawn. Mowing is continued as usual and the mowing height depend on the pile height on CoverLawn.

Installation alternative:
CoverLawn is installed direct on the surface. Anchor CoverLawn with anchor pins (included). 
CoverLawn can also be installed on a bed of soil and still anchored with pins.
CoverLawn can also be installed as natural grass on coil. In this case the CoverLawn is already integrated with the grass.
The installation pins are in steel 130 or 200 mm or decomposable in 130 mm length.
The surface must be even when mowing the grass to avoid tear up the CoverLawn. This risk is during the integration period.
Rotation mowers must be used with caution since these mowers tear everything uneven in its way.
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