Anti mosquito

KM 2015 patent applied Feb - 2015 KM 2015 patent applied Feb - 2015
KM 2015 is a newly developed product where the piles are impregnated with capsules of natural substances of lime, citronella and lavendal to keep the mosquitos away. The unique with KM 2015 is that the perfume will last for up to 2 years. The perfume will excude naturally, by heat or load.
KM 2015 is delivered as an artificial turf with a tufted thin backing where the piles are attached.

CoverLawn with anti mosquito is under development.

If you are allergic to above substances please make your necessary precautions. 
KM 2015 is tested by Svenska Livsmedelsinstuítutet.
Product Pile height Price/m2 in Sek Size Colour  Roll size 
KM 2015 20 mm 199 25x2,0 m Green 50 m2
KM 2015 20 mm Quote 25x2,0 m Green >50 m2
Price/pcs in Sek
Dörren 20 mm 199 1x1 m Green N/A
Tältet 20 mm 398 2x1 m Green N/A
Förtältet 20 mm 597 3x1 m Green N/A
Bordet 20 mm 796 2x2 m Green N/A
Terassen 20 mm 1194 3x2 m Green N/A
Husbilen 20 mm 1592 4x2 m Green N/A

All prices are exclisive VAT and freight. Homoe deliveries may cost extra
Adjustments for currency variation may occur.
Other colours can be produced towards quote and 100% down payment is required.
Warranty 1 years by normal use.