Football and Sports


CoverLawn CL 2802 with a pile height 25-28 mm.
CL 2802 is our latest product in our development in the sports range. We have adjusted the pile height with the hole size in balance with the reinforcement strength. The combination allows usage when the growth period is low or in fallow. The piles as you can see are designed in a way that they want to straighten up but still do not interfer with the mowing. The result is to offer decent play ground even though the outer conditions are poor. CL 2802 can be used for all sports with natural turf soil. From end July 2015 we can offer CL 2802 ingrown with grass delivered on coil.
The predecessors CL 4003 with pile height 33 mm and CL 2003 with pile height of 22 mm has resulted in CL 2802.

You install CL 2802 on the pitch as is. Expect 2-4 weeks of integration time depending on your care and the weather conditions. See installation instructions.
2. You purchase CL 2802 integrated and install it like a normal grass replacement. 5-10 days later you are ready to play. 

Areas of use

  • Entire pitch
  • Penalty area 11, 9, 7 player
  • Penalty spot, Centre spot
  • Entrance for machines
  • Linesmen sides
  • Running areas
  • Hitting areas
  • Warm up areas