Football and Sports

Football has been played on Hybrid for many years. Now the selection of hybrids have increased.

CoverLawn® offer two (2) solutions depending on the operational resources available at the club. 
"Lay and Play" CL 2802 where the hybrid installed direct on the pitch and can be used after 5 days. 
"Sand fill" CL 6003 where you build up the root system among the piles and then it has to grow for 8-12 weeks.

CL 2802 is an extremely strong product with a pile height of 28 mm and a very strong backing. We have adjusted the pile height with the hole size in balance with the reinforcement strength. The combination allows usage when the growth period is low or in rest. The result is to offer decent playing condition even though the outer conditions are poor. CL 2802 can be used for all sports with natural turf soil or sand soil.
Installation is done directly on existing turf and then the integration process starts immediately. Complete integration is reached after 8-12 weeks.
Operational - mow and fertilise as nornal. Aerating with solid tines every 3:d week is ok if you need.  Annually or when needed you brush off old organic material until you reach the piles from CoverLawn®. If you have black layer try hollow pipes and sand fill after.

CL 6003 is a long pile solution where you build up the root system within the piles. The backing has large holes, size 30 mm so there is no disturbance at all for the roots to grow. You get access to the top root system when renovating. 
Installation Here you have a more complicated installation where you need to sandfill before top seed. Then integration is 8-12 weeks before you can start use the surface.
Operation -  mow and fertilise as nornal. Aerate but no deeper than 30 mm. Annual scarification if needed and then fill up with sand and seed again.

Flexibility: If you want to design your own hybrid we have a very flexible production process enabling that. Change colour is not to recommend since the surface will be green after 6 months anyway.

Areas of use

  • Entire pitch
  • Penalty area 11, 9, 7 player
  • Penalty spot, Centre spot
  • Entrance for machines
  • Linesmen sides
  • Running areas
  • Hitting areas
  • Warm up areas
  • Walking areas
  • All turf wear areas