CoverLawn for bunker (BunkerLawn) is a product that is installed under the sand in the bunker. The effect is that after rain you will still have a good bunker to play from. The BunkeLawn keeps the sand in the curled piles and will ease your bunker maintenance after rain.
Below you can follow the installation. See instruction to the right.

CoverLawn for bunker edges can serve different purposes. 
Revetted bunker edge get support towards all kinds of shots hitting the revetted area and will extend the maintenance intervals. CL 1201 is recommended.
Bunker top edge around the bunker face a lot of wear from both galls, players sand and weather. CL 2003 protects sunshine, keep the edge together toweards erosion, off load the top edge from players that believe edge is a soft staircase. 

Product Piles



Size  Color 
CL 1201 12 mm 20 mm  app 38%   25x2,4 m   Green 
CL 2003 22 mm 30 mm app 58%  25x2,0 m Green
BLB 4004 Curlad 40 mm ------- 25x2,0 m Beige
Extra pins 130 mm ------ -------   ------
Extra pins 200 mm ------ -------   -----
Environ pins   130 mm  ------ -------   Green

BLB 25 pcs per m2 
All prices are exclisive VAT and freight.
Installation cost is quoted separately.
Adjustments for currency variation may occur.
Environmental pins are decomposed after 48 months.
Warranty 3 years by normal use.


Step by step instruction:

1. Mark the area for BLB.

2. Set up a line where to remove sand.

3. Place BLB and anchor at the ends.

4. Cut BLB against bunker edge. 

5. Tension BLB to 2m width.

6. Anchor pin distance app. 15 cm.

7. Anchor pin distance app. 20 cm.

8. Anchor pin distance app. 10 cm.

9. Anchor pin distance app. 30 cm.

10 Anchor pin distance app. 10 cm.

11. Remove production band.

12. Anchor pins with a hammer.

13. Recycle to save cost.

14. Add and rake sand.

15. Add desired amount of sand and water(if you have otherwise check status daily). Add sand if needed after water.


Start play.

To get a feeling try some bunker shots on BLB before adding sand. This to get an answer for upcoming questions.