CoverLawn CL 1201

Name    CL 1201    
Width  2,4 m
Height 12 mm
Pattern 20 mm
Natural Turf app 40%
Colour Green


Ecoinstallation pins are included in the price. 12 pcs per Sqm.

Installation cost is quoted separately

Adjustments to currency changes may occur.
Other colours can be produced towards quote and a 50% down payment.
Eco pins decompose after 48 months.

Warranty 3 years by normal use.
Prices exkluding VAT and freight.

Different clubs with CoverLawn on Tee. Pic 3 and 4 shows the diffrence in divot after hitting on CL 1201 and natural turf.

CL 1201 tests from 50, 75 respective 125 shots from exactly the same spot. We used an 8 iron. Date May 31 2014

CoverLawn CL 1201 tested during the SGA meeting in Ekerum
The picture sequence are:
1, 3 and 6 before competition.
2, 4, 5 and 7 after competition.
We were app 30 players. 
New tests done on CL 1201 May 2014. 2 after 75 shots on same spot and 3 after additional 50 shots on same spot.