The Course

Have you:

  • Spots on fairway where the approach shots create amage from many divots and you think of a more fair approach game the players.  CL 1201 is recommended.
  • Paths that rather should be green instead of soil or gravel. CL 1203, CL 4003 or NRT 3002 are recommended. 
  • Café or service houses where the grass has tough to grow with all golfers around. CL 4003 are recommended.
  • Bridges covered with old golf mats or rubber mats. NRT 2500 is recommended.
  • Ditches or waters that need a bridge gang way. CL 1201 or 4003 are recommended depending on mowing height. 
Product Piles



Size  Color 
CL 1201 12 mm 15 mm app 38%  25x2,4 m   Green 
CL 1203 12 mm 30 mm app 58% 25x2,0 m Green
CL 4003 33 mm 30 mm app 58% 25x2,0 m Green
NRT 2500 25 mm 5 mm app 19% 25x2,4 m Mixed
NRT 3002 30 mm 20 mm app 50% 25x2,4 m Mixed
Environ pins 130 mm ------ ------- Green

Ecoinstallation pins are included in the price. 12 pcs per Sqm.
Ingrown integrated grass has no installation pins. Length of the coil is controlled by the installation.
All prices are exclisive VAT and freight.
Installation cost is quoted separately.
Adjustments for currency variation may occur.
Environmental pins are decomposed after 48 months.
Warranty 3 years by normal use.

Walkway solutions

Timrå GK that has installed CL 1201 in front of the water hazard.. 

Båstad GC that places CL 4003 around their service house.

Ljunghusen GC made a bridge over the ditch from CL 2003.

Ljunghusen CL put green life in their soil path with CL 2003.

Österlen GC put green life in their soil path with CL 1203.

Öresund GC made a refresh of their wooden bridge with NRT 2500.