Play Ground

Kids and youths have loads of energy and unrestless legs. To be a natural turf in such environment can be very challenging sometimes. CoverLawn is the product that supports the natural turf to withstand the traffic and also protect and keep the root system healthy.
The critical period is when growth is slowing down and the grass goes to winter rest.  Based on this situation you make your product choice.

NRT 2500 is for surfaces with very high traffic (20-100 people/h) and the ground is wet and soily. NRT 2500 fits all places but best when surface is even. NRT is not flexibel.
CL 4003 is for all surfaces with high traffic (0-20 people/h). Grass surfaces, slopes, humps all kind of areas. 

CL 2802  is for surfaces with very high traffic (20-100 people/h).  Fits all surfaces and even as uneven spots. 

   Product        Piles            



 Size                Color         
CL 2802 28 mm 20 mm app 50% 25x2,4 m Green
CL 4003 33 mm 30 mm app 58% 25x2,0 m Green
NRT 2500 25 mm 5 mm app 19% 25x2,4 m Mixed

Installation pins are included in the sqm price. 12 pcs per sqm. 
Ingrown integrated grass has no installation pins. Length of the roll is controlled by the installation.
Delivery time 8-12V at factory order.
All prices are exclisive VAT and freight.
Installation cost is quoted separately.
Adjustments for currency variation may occur.
Other colours can be produced towards quote and 100% down payment is required.
Installation pins are decomposed after app 48 months.
Warranty 3 years by normal use.