CoverLawn® for slides
Slope slides are very common but also damaging for the natural turf. CoverLawn®  supports the natural turf with a protection that keeps the surface green and natural all year around. Just beside the slider where the kids run up and down, the natural turf can not resist the pressure and leaves a soil or stone surface to play on. The result with CoverLawn®  will be a firm surface with a look of CoverLawn®  mixed with natural turf, some soil and other organic material.och annat. See pictures beside.
NRT 3002 is developed to stand extreme wear and at the same time flexible to make installation easier.

   Product        Piles            



 Size                Color         
NRT 3002 30 mm 20 mm app 50% 25x2,4 m Mixed
Eco pins 130 mm ---- ---- L=130 mm Green

Installation pins are included in the sqm price. 12 pcs per sqm. 
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